About Hamburg Marketing

The Hamburg Marketing sees itself as a responsible partner and initiator for marketing the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. As a key driver of city marketing, the HMG bases its work on reliability, client orientation and high quality. The HMG is characterised by team spirit and an open mindset, it’s modern and embraces innovation.

By developing, communicating and coordinating the Hamburg brand, the HMG highlights the locational attractiveness of Hamburg and the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in Germany and abroad. It coordinates and harmonises the activities of other marketing stakeholders in the city. The Hamburg Marketing GmbH ensures a consistent image of the Hamburg brand and raises the brand’s profile among individuals and businesses.

The Hamburg Marketing GmbH markets the entire metropolitan region beyond the boundaries of the federal states. The region is home to 5 million people and stretches from Cuxhaven in the west and Ludwigslust in the east to Ost-Holstein in the north and Heidekreis in the south.